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The types of drying units offered by Agremo include devices with the capacity of drying 3-28.5 tonnes of grain per hour, with moisture reduction from 19 to 15%.

They are intended for drying rape, corn, grain and grass seeds etc. The SU types are blower units, intended for smaller farms. They can operate in continuous and interval modes. The SUP types are units equipped with axial fans, utilising vacuum effects. They are dedicated for medium and large farms.


Both types can be fired with heating oil, natural gas, LPG, and if other oven types are used – with coal, straw or biomass. As an option, the dryer column and hot air collector may be thermally isolated, which reduces heat losses while drying at low temperatures. The dryer units may now be equipped with dust extraction and noise attenuation systems.

The modular design of the Agremo dryer units allows you to expand them and increase their performance