Intake hoppers are used for unloading materials from trailers or semi-trailers and then transferring it via technological transport devices to a specific location.

As standard they are made from galvanised sheets, and the mechanical versions are equipped with screw or chain conveyors, platform gratings and extensions. We also offer a gravitational version – without a conveyor.

Our offer also contains non-standard sizes of intake hoppers in welded versions

Standard equipment:

  • galvanised protective gratings
  • side and front extensions
  • helical-bevel gear motor drive
  • mechanical performance regulation (redler)
Optional equipment:

  • 0.47 m wide transport grating
  • 0.65 m wide transport grating
  • belt conveyor
  • tippler

Intake hoppers with conveyors
Intake hoppers without conveyors
Characteristics chain screw grawitacyjne
Capacity (t/h) 30-50-100 30-47
Standard body (width x length) 2,0m x 6,0m 2,0m x 6,0m 3,0m x 1,5m

Optional intake hopper sizes with Redler:
2,0 m x 8,0m 2,0 m x 10,0m 2,0 m x 12,0m 2,0 m x 14,0m 2,0 m x 16,0m
3,0 m x 6,0m 3,0 m x 8,0m 3,0 m x 10,0m 3,0 m x 12,0m 3,0 m x 14,0m 3,0 m x 16,0m
Optional intake hopper sizes with screw conveyors:
2,0 m x 8,0m
Capacity given for wheat with the density of 0.78 t/m.
The manufacturer reserves the right to make technical adjustments.