They are used for the transportation of grain and loose materials on distances of 2-13 metres. There are pipeline and trough versions.

Thanks to their modular structure they can be configured to match the requirements of users. They can be operated in various stages of technological pipelines, in processing facilities and grain storages. They can transport grain horizontally and at 0-30 degree angles. Thanks to the gear motor drive and galvanized structure they are very durable.

Motor power
Capacity (t/h) Ø 150 10 15 do 13 m 1,5-4,0
Capacity (t/h) Ø 200 15-20 30 do 13 m 2,2-5,5
Capacity (t/h) Ø 250 30 40-45 do 13 m 3,0-7,5

Capacity given for wheat with the density of 0.78 t/m.
The manufacturer reserves the right to make technical adjustments.