hey are used for the horizontal transportation of cereal grains, granulates and other loose materials. They are used in agriculture, chemical and food industries. Capacities: 30-150 t/h. A conveyor of this type is made of galvanized sheets, which can be optionally acid resistant. The chain in the upper side of the trough is guided on rolls with bearings. The bottom is coated with abrasion resistant material which greatly improves the life of the device and reduces noise levels during its operation. Thanks to the modular design of the conveyor its installation and expansion are very easy

Standard equipment:

  • helical-bevel drive
  • charge fitting
  • discharge fitting
  • covers
Optional equipment:
We individually select the appropriate conveyor length, gear motor drive, support legs and additional equipment to meet the requirements of specific applications.

Capacity 30 t/h
Capacity 50 t/h
Capacity 80 t/h
Capacity 100 t/h
150 t/h
Total length (max.) 60 m 58 m 62 m 62 m 62 m
Electrical power (kW) 2,2-7,5 2,2-11,0 3,0-15,0 3,0-18,5 4,0-22,0