They are used for the vertical transportation of grain, granulates and other loose materials. Our bucket lifters have modular structure which allows for expansion. They are made of high quality galvanized sheets, which can be also acid resistant as an option. Individual device components are linked together with screwed connections which facilitate installation, servicing and maintenance. Their capacity range is 10-150 t/h and their maximum height is 40 metres.

Standard equipment:

  • helical-bevel drive
  • discharge fitting
  • single, one-sided charge
Optional equipment:

  • charge possibility on both sides
  • motion sensor
  • belt misalignment sensor
  • multi-line divider
  • operating platform

Capacity 10-20 t/h
Capacity 30-50 t/h
Capacity 60 t/h
Capacity 80 t/h
Capacity 100 t/h
Capacity 150 t/h
Total capacity (max) 23 m 35 m 35 m 40 m 40 m 40 m
Electrical power (kW) 1,5-4,0 2,2-9,2 3,0-11,0 3,0-15,0 4,0-18,5 5,5-30,0

Capacity given for wheat with the density of 0.78 t/m.
The manufacturer reserves the right to make technical adjustments